Metaverse farming games | The best NFT farming games of 2024

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The best Metaverse farming games of 2024
The best Metaverse farming games of 2024

This post offers a thorough how-to for the greatest metaverse farming game of 2024 and other farming games in the universe. These virtual world games allow players to earn cryptocurrency, NFTs, and real money in addition to encouraging farming among users. Are you curious about what the metaverse is? The metaverse is a virtual environment that may be visited online using technological devices.

Are you thrilled about it? Let’s get going.

1. Crop bytes

Crop bytes I Farming games in metaverse
Crop bytes I Farming games in metaverse

A cryptocurrency farm game called Cropbytes was developed in April 2018. Farming functions in this game similarly to the real world, where users own assets, cultivate crops, and sell them for cryptocurrency like TRX or CBX. Upon registering, a starter pack of assets is provided for a seven-day trial period that can be used for farming. After the trial period expires, the farmer must purchase additional assets in order to continue farming. Farmers can sell vegetables, milk, and a variety of other goods for actual money or cryptocurrency as long as they continue farming.

Is it free to play Crop Bytes?

Indeed, playing this agricultural game in the metaverse pays you money. However, Cropbytes is free to play. Players and virtual farmers are compensated in TRX and $CBX farms.

On Crop Bytes, how can one generate income?

Simply convert your extracts into CBX tokens, sell crops and animals, gather utilities, or begin your own farming by acquiring assets to start earning money in the Crypto bytes game.

2. Farmpoly

Farmpoly I Farming games in metaverse
Farmpoly I Farming games in metaverse

Another agricultural game in the metaverse, Farmpoly was developed with influence from the Farmville series. As a Farmer in this game, you develop a farm, feed the animals, and grow crops to earn Farmpoly tokens. The primary goal of this game is to draw players in by portraying it as a play-to-earn title. The goal of this game’s future developments is to leverage blockchain economy to reward player contributions. Farmpoly’s future goals include investing in gold and real estate, as well as beginning to mine bitcoin.

Farmpoly Token

The farmpoly token was established on the BNB smart chain (BEP20). Its ticker code is $POLY, and its current market capitalization is $571,651.82 with a fully diluted price of $0.011.

3. Plant vs Undead

Plant vs Undead I Farming games in metaverse
Plant vs Undead I Farming games in metaverse

Another well-liked game in the so-called metaverse is Plant vs undead, often known as the NFT Garden. This game was released as a pay-to-earn game in June 2021. In order to earn money or cryptocurrency in this online game, users must battle other players to defend plants from the “undead.” As more and more plants are saved, users gain PUV tokens. The fact that Undead vs. Plants is a completely free game means that there is no cost for users to play. This makes the game unique.

Plant vs Undead token

Additionally, the game’s token is generated on BnB Smart Contact (BEP20). PUV is the token ticker code. PUV tokens currently trade for $0.04, with a $2,187,122.91 market capitalization.

4. Plato Farm

Plato Farm I Farming games in metaverse
Plato Farm I Farming games in metaverse

Another legendary metaverse game built using blockchain technology is called Plato Farm. In this fascinating virtual reality game, players control a little farm. The player can raise animals and grow plants. By constructing cities and villages on arid territory and turning it into fertile ground, players can obtain tokens like as Mark and Pluto in this game. In order to make money while playing this plato ecosystem game, players can also establish their own gaming guild.

Plato farm token

The Binance smart contract, BEB20, is where the Platofarm token is minted. PLATO is the Platfarm token’s ticker code. PLATO is now trading for $0.01 USD, with a $1,168,540.37 market capitalization.

5. Farmer’s World

Farmer’s World I Farming games in metaverse
Farmer’s World I Farming games in metaverse

A NFT game called Farmers World is operated via the WAX blockchain. This game is a lot like farming in real life. The user of this game can cultivate land, acquire and sell land that can be used to develop farms, and employ a variety of farming tools. This is the greatest farming game in the metaverse because it gives you the overall impression that you are a genuine farmer operating in a real farming ecosystem. The primary token utilized in this game for transaction purposes is called “WAX.”

How to make money in Farmers World

In the world of farmers, the primary means of generating income are crop cultivation, animal husbandry, and gold mine. These goods can be used as trading goods, such as offering crop to another user in exchange for an animal, or they can be sold on the market in exchange for Wax tokens.

6. Happy Land

Happy Land I Farming games in metaverse
Happy Land I Farming games in metaverse

The metaverse game Happyland Farm (also known as Happyland Finance) is another ground-breaking title. This blockchain-based play-to-earn game was inspired by Texas’s rural landscape. In this game, players take on the role of farmers and make money by raising cattle, growing crops, and designing a beautiful farm. Gamers are able to design their own distinctive farm. Players can acquire their own NFTs in this game, and they can also be purchased on platforms that sell NFTs.

How to make money in happy land

To make money or tokens through happy land, just cultivate crops, plants, fruits, veggies, and flowers on the allotted land and sell them for a profit.

7. Wanaka Farm

Wanaka Farms I Farming games in metaverse
Wanaka Farms I Farming games in metaverse

Another well-known metaverse game, or popular virtual reality game, based on a play-and-earn paradigm is called Wanaka Farm. The user of this game can cultivate land, tend to crops, breed pets, and decorate their virtual property. In this game, land can be rented out to others so they can cultivate it, and vice versa. Once produce has been cultivated, it can be sold for WANA tokens. The game’s assets are made to be NFTs.

Token for Wanaka farms

Additionally, a Wanaka farm token (BEP20) is produced on the Binance Smart Chain address. “WANA” is the ticker for the Wanaka farm token. WANA is now trading for $0.04 USD, with a total market capitalization of $2,191,975.44 USD.

In summary

In summary, this article covered the top farming games in the metaverse, their mechanics, and how to use them to generate income. While looking up agricultural games, it was difficult to choose a list, but we specifically discovered them for our users. We talk about gameplay and ways to earn cryptocurrency, NFTs, and cash. Please like, rate, and share this post if you find it interesting.

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